December 30, 2020

Like it was for everyone, 2020 was challenging for team 6sqft. We started working from home, we stopped being out and about in our beloved city, and we shifted our coverage to keep our readers up-to-date on the ever-evolving pandemic. But there were also a lot of silver linings. We helped our fellow New Yorkers get the info they needed, while also providing a welcome escape through our cool listings column and upbeat guides. Ahead, see which stories you read the most this year, from tracking COVID cases and antibody rates by zip code to outdoor dining and hiking guides to celebrity real estate and a castle for sale.

Map of positive COVID cases by Zip code, courtesy of the NYC Department of Health


  1. NYC releases map of positive COVID cases by ZIP code
  2. New York reopening guide: What’s open and what you need to know
  3. New Jersey will start reopening on Monday
  4. See which NYC neighborhoods have the highest rates of COVID antibodies
  5. The full list of New York’s essential services
  6. Here’s how to find out if your neighborhood is in a COVID-19 cluster zone

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Outdoor dining at Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe. Photo by Eden, Janine and Jim via Flickr cc


  1. 150 NYC restaurants with outdoor dining
  2. NYC museums, events, performances: What’s reopening and what’s cancelled this year
  3. 85 NYC restaurants with heaters for outdoor dining
  4. 7 best hikes near New York City
  5. The 7 best places to see fall foliage outside NYC
  6. 10 organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in NYC

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King Nyani sculpture in Hudson Yards. Photo by Tina Sokolovskaya.


  1. Here’s what you can expect from Macy’s ‘reimagined’ Thanksgiving parade
  2. No reopening plans for NJ’s American Dream mall as tenants flee and owner skips mortgage payments
  3. Lottery opens for 500 affordable apartments at La Central complex in the Bronx, from $395/month
  4. 118 affordable apartments up for grabs at new Far Rockaway rental, from $367/month
  5. NYC rolls out revamped affordable housing lottery system
  6. There’s a giant gorilla sculpture in Hudson Yards

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Kingston, New York. Photo by Paul VanDerWerf via Flickr cc


  1. What will the summer real estate market look like in NYC this year?
  2. How to apply for New York’s new COVID-19 rent relief program
  3. Navigating rental leases in NYC during COVID: Negotiating, re-signing, moving
  4. The best places to live in Westchester
  5. Health and high-rise living: Is higher healthier?
  6. This Hudson Valley town has the fastest-rising real estate prices in the country

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Castle Rock in Garrison, New York. Listing photo courtesy of Houlihan Lawrence.


  1. There’s a professional hockey rink at this $7.7M Connecticut home
  2. Rachel Maddow lists her West Village apartment for $2.4M
  3. ‘Blue’s Clues’ host Steve Burns lists his playful, converted-garage in Williamsburg for $3.35M
  4. Live in your very own 19th-century castle above the Hudson River for $3.5M
  5. Gwyneth Paltrow’s childhood home on the Upper East Side hits the market for $15.5M
  6. Coveted townhouse in Queens’ enchanted Forest Hills Gardens lists for $2.5M

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The 191st Street tunnel. Photo © James and Karla Murray


  1. The 10 best plants for apartment dwellers
  2. 7 ways to soundproof a noisy apartment
  3. Inside the graffiti-covered 191st Street tunnel, NYC’s deepest subway and only underground ‘street’
  4. For $14.50, you can own one of Governor Cuomo’s ‘New York Tough’ posters
  5. Futuristic tower proposed for Roosevelt Island is 2,400 feet and covered in 10,000+ plants
  6. The 15 best air-purifying plants for your home



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