April 18, 2023

IKEA to release reimagined vintage-inspired collection for its 80th anniversary

In celebration of its 80th anniversary, IKEA is launching a new collection that honors its past. The beloved Swedish furniture retailer is releasing the "Nytillverkad" collection, a "loud, colorful, and fun" assortment of vintage-inspired furniture, bedding, and accessories that offers a new take on classic IKEA pieces. Starting this July, the company will launch a series of selected products from its design archive that are reimagined for today, with fresh, vibrant colors and materials.
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February 1, 2021

The 10 best couches for apartments

Narrow stairwells, small doorframes, tiny apartments, multi-purpose spaces--these are just some of the factors that make purchasing a sofa for an apartment challenging. But today, there are a lot of new direct-to-consumer brands that specialize in modular furniture, as well as tried-and-true companies that have adapted their designs for an urban lifestyle. Ahead, we've rounded up the best couches for apartments, but don't be fooled--you probably won't want to give these away when you do upgrade to a bigger space.
January 7, 2021

IKEA’s first small-format location opens in Queens

The first small-format IKEA in the United States will open in Queens this month. The retailer, known for its affordable flat-pack furniture, will take up 115,000 square feet at a shopping mall in Rego Park. Expected to open sometime in early January, the new store is the third IKEA in New York City, joining existing locations in Red Hook and on the Upper East Side.
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December 16, 2020

This fun gingerbread house lets you build mini IKEA furniture at home

Image courtesy of IKEA IKEA's new gingerbread house brings the famous brand's flat-pack furniture to a whole new scale. The Gingerbread Höme kit comes with downloadable, furniture-shaped cookie-cutter templates and simple instructions (no Allen wrench needed!) so that you can build edible versions of well-known pieces like the Billy Bookcase, Malm Bedframe, and Strandmon Armchair.
August 28, 2020

New IKEA, LEGO collaboration makes it fun to clean up toys

For parents tired of picking up and stepping on their kids' pesky LEGO blocks, a new collaboration between the toy company and IKEA may be a perfect solution. The companies on Thursday unveiled their BYGGLEK collection, which includes a series of storage boxes for kids that have LEGO studs on them, perfect for both storing the toys and playing with them. The collection will be available at IKEA stores beginning October 1.
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February 10, 2020

You can have a sleepover at IKEA in Red Hook next month

Lull yourself to sleep surrounded by ready-to-assemble furniture and Swedish meatballs during a sleepover at Ikea's showroom in Brooklyn next month. The home goods store is launching a raffle to give shoppers a chance to spend the night at its Red Hook store on March 13. Coinciding with World Sleep Day, the "Swede Dreams" event aims to help the "tired, weary and sleep-deprived fans" of the store, according to a press release.
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September 24, 2019

IKEA will open in Queens next summer

IKEA is coming to Queens. The Swedish furniture store announced on Tuesday plans to open a new location at a shopping center in Rego Park next summer. The store, located in the Rego Center, will be the first in the United States with a new layout, according to the company.
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July 25, 2019

IKEA’s new Sonos collab includes wifi speakers disguised as lamps and shelves

Always on the cutting edge–as with this genius furniture for small spaces–IKEA is introducing SYMFONISK, a collaboration with Sonos that mixes great design with wifi-enabled sound. The all-new sound collection includes a luminous table lamp and a slender, minimalist bookshelf speaker; both are wifi speakers. Even better: The speakers can be used with the Sonos system and controlled through the company's app.
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June 12, 2019

New IKEA collaboration features robotic furniture for small space living

The way people live in their homes is constantly evolving, and IKEA manages to keep evolving to address our changing needs; case in point: a new collaboration between the Swedish furniture giant and Ori, an American startup that has been developing robotic furniture ideal for modern living, has resulted in a new IKEA line called ROGNAN. The new "robotic furniture solution for small space living," will help modern urbanites combine comfort and convenience in small spaces, without sacrificing style.
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April 10, 2019

Take a peek inside the new Upper East Side IKEA

There's a new IKEA in town, right in the middle of the Upper East Side at Third Avenue and East 60th Street; The new IKEA Planning Studio opens to the public on April 15. Here's a snapshot of what to expect from the store's urban-focused sibling. It'll be a little different from the other IKEA locations; you'll be able to browse inspirational room settings focused products and solutions suited for city living and get free home design planning assistance.
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March 19, 2019

IKEA’s Upper East Side location opens on April 15

IKEA is finally coming to Manhattan next month. The Swedish furniture store announced Tuesday it will open a new Upper East Side location on April 15. Located at 999 Third Avenue, the IKEA Planning Studio will be delivery-only, with solutions tailored for city living and small spaces. "We conducted extensive research about city living, and we believe New Yorkers will see their needs reflected this new concept," Leontyne Greene Sykes, the CEO of IKEA Retail, said. The Planning Studio is the first of its kind in the United States.
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February 26, 2019

IKEA’s newest curtains will purify indoor air

The World Health Organization estimates that 90 percent of people worldwide are impacted by the harmful effects of pollution, which provoke a range of life-threatening diseases. While pollution is thought to cause around eight million deaths a year, more than half of those are the result of indoor pollution, not the smog-filled city streets we’re more commonly wary of. To help with this problem, IKEA is preparing to launch GUNRID, an air-purifying curtain. The low-cost, low-tech option will give New Yorkers (who are always short on space) a simple way of destroying indoor air pollution without using any bulky filtering systems.
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December 3, 2018

Ikea’s first Manhattan store will open this spring on East 59th Street

After teasing us last week with news that they were in the "preliminary" planning stages of opening a city-center store in New York City, Ikea has today announced, that they will, in fact, open their first Manhattan store in spring 2019. The IKEA Planning Studio--a delivery-only store concept that focuses on "smart solutions for urban living and small spaces"--will open at 999 Third Avenue, right across the street from Bloomingdales at 59th Street and just over the Queensboro Bridge from Long Island City where Amazon is readying to bring 25,000 employees.
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November 27, 2018

Ikea reveals ‘preliminary’ plans to open Manhattan store

Amazon, Target, and Trader Joe's have all cemented their Manhattan presence in recent years, and it looks like Ikea does not want to be left out of the action. In a Wall Street Journal story today that discusses the Swedish furniture company's larger restructuring plans (which includes slashing 7,500 jobs in an attempt to focus on delivery and digital efforts), it was revealed that Ikea will open 30 new stores in city centers over the next two years. There is currently a store in central London, and the next foray into major urban hubs will be its largest yet, a 5,000-square-foot space in Paris. After that, they'll open a city-center store in NYC, which we assume will be somewhere between FiDi and the 80s.
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July 31, 2018

IKEA’s 2019 catalog comes to life at this free pop-up event in Soho

To mark 75 years of sleek, affordable design, IKEA is hosting a free pop-up event for just five days in Soho. Starting on Wednesday, design nerds and interior newbies alike will enjoy walking through different homes and get inspired by the various products and furniture, many which can be found in the company's 2019 catalog (officially released on Tuesday). Dubbed the IKEA Inspiration Experience, the event, located at 477 Broadway, runs between August 1 and August 5.
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August 4, 2016

Ikea Is Selling a Full Mini Kitchen for Only $112

6sqft has featured a couple compact kitchens before (like ChopChop and Gali), but they've both been concepts. Now, thanks to none other than Ikea, space-starved New Yorkers who actually prefer cooking to delivery can easily purchase a mini unit that offers everything a traditional kitchen would--a cooktop that can be removed to reveal countertop space, a mini fridge, a sink, and back rails to install various storage solutions (h/t Elle Decor). For those who want a bit more storage, Sunnersta also has a matching bar cart with three shelves for just $30.
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February 17, 2016

POLL: Is IKEA a Blessing or a Curse for Relationships?

By now, we’ve all heard the jokes about IKEA breaking up relationships–whether it’s getting lost in the store’s maze, figuring out how to pronounce a word with ten consonants in a row, agreeing upon one of 400 throw pillows, or putting together an entire entertainment center with one Allen wrench. To poke fun at the common […]

January 25, 2016

Download Ikea’s Adult Coloring Book for Free!

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days and we couldn't be happier. While there are many different types available for purchase (check out this coloring book-notebook combo or this architectural-inspired rendition), Ikea has just released their own version, which is free to download (h/t Curbed). From decorative houseplants to POÄNG chairs and KALLAX shelving units, each of the five pages includes a collection of Ikea products arranged in fun geometric patterns.
September 29, 2015

10 Great Places to Buy Affordable Art in New York City

In New York, we spend the bulk of our finances on our apartments, leaving little left in the budget for designer decor. But it can get quite dreary looking at those blank eggshell colored walls for months and months, especially during the colder seasons when we're stuck inside. So with fall officially in gear, it's time to kick off the lower temperatures with some great art. With the cash-strapped New Yorker in mind, 6sqft has put together a list of ten great places–local shops, online resources, and markets–that'll allow you to give your walls an added boost without breaking the bank.
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July 27, 2015

IKEA Is Selling a Placemat with a Pocket for Your Phone

We're having a hard time deciding whether this design is brilliant or just plain depressing. These new placemats come courtesy of IKEA and are part of their upcoming SITTNING collection, a limited edition series made up of 40 pieces focused in on "the joys of sharing a meal with those you love." The new mats—which will reportedly be called "Logged Out"—will feature a convenient little pouch for you to tuck your smartphone away so you can finally enjoy a meal with your friends without checking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email...
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April 27, 2015

Ikea’s Concept Kitchen 2025 Predicts We’ll Soon Use Smart Tables and Drone-Delivered Groceries

As part of Milan Design Week, Ikea has revealed their Concept Kitchen 2025, created in collaboration with London-based design firm IDEO and students from Sweden's Lund and Eindhoven universities. The futuristic kitchen prototype is based on predictions about what the world will be like ten years from now. It assumes we'll all be living a much greener, reduced lifestyle and technology such as smart tables and drone-delivered groceries will run kitchen operations.
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March 2, 2015

Ikea Releases Furniture Collection That Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

The latest trend in the electric world is USB outlets, which allow you to charge your devices right there in the wall socket without a plug. That still requires getting off the sofa and walking the probably two feet over to the outlet, though, which can really put a cramp in one's "House of Cards"-binge-watching style. But thanks to a new furniture collection from Ikea, you can power up your phone without having to search for a cord and while still in the reclined position. The new line of lamps, bedside tables, and desks features integrated charging pads that allow users to simply place their wireless gadget on top.
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