March 2, 2015

Ikea Releases Furniture Collection That Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

The latest trend in the electric world is USB outlets, which allow you to charge your devices right there in the wall socket without a plug. That still requires getting off the sofa and walking the probably two feet over to the outlet, though, which can really put a cramp in one's "House of Cards"-binge-watching style. But thanks to a new furniture collection from Ikea, you can power up your phone without having to search for a cord and while still in the reclined position. The new line of lamps, bedside tables, and desks features integrated charging pads that allow users to simply place their wireless gadget on top.
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October 13, 2014

IKEA’s ‘Life at Home’ Project Offers a Crazy Detailed Look Into New Yorkers’ Mornings

IKEA has made their way into homes across the world, but with their latest project 'Life at Home' the furniture giant finds themselves square at our breakfast tables. Although you may think that your mornings aren't all that different from someone in say Paris or London (or in the next cubicle for that matter), as New Yorkers we're pretty distinct in how we wake up, how we dress ourselves, and even how long we shower. The company's Life at Home report is the first of what will be a series of studies geared towards developing new home products in line with a particular city's waking habits. The report covers seven other cities, including Paris, Berlin, London, Moscow, but of course, we're going to bring you the top findings from their NYC study. Many of these were surprising...
How New Yorkers spend their mornings this way
September 15, 2014

Daily Link Fix: Where The Best Food Trucks Are; IKEA Defies Gravity with a Climbable Apartment

NY Daily News announces the launch of the 7th annual Governors Island Art Fair where “100 artists fill 100 rooms in the island’s former military barracks with their paintings, video installations, sculptures and photography.” I Quant NYC maps out where you can find the 25 winning street vendors of the 10th annual Vendy Awards. Time to grub […]

September 3, 2014

Daily Link Fix: Sleep on the Job; Toasted or Untoasted Bagels?

Thrillist explores the city’s oldest bars from Fraunces Tavern to McSorley’s Old Ale House TIME tells us why IKEA furniture in their catalogs look so much better than in person Architizer shares Calmspace sleeping pods for your office, which takes the saying “sleeping on the job” to another level Gothamist answers the most important question for […]

July 3, 2014

Your Daily Link Fix: A Skycraper on Top of a Building; Run, Don’t Walk, to Shake Shack Today

IKEA Lamp Changes Colors with Your Mood: It’s the mood ring of the 21st century. PSFK examines how designer Vittorio Cuculo hacked an IKEA lamp so that the world may know exactly how he’s feeling. Invasion of privacy? Possibly. Totally awesome? Definitely. Architects Pushing Fashion Forward: Architizer shows us that architects love fashion, and demonstrates it […]