IKEA’s ‘Life at Home’ Project Offers a Crazy Detailed Look Into New Yorkers’ Mornings

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IKEA has made their way into homes across the world, but with their latest project ‘Life at Home‘ the furniture giant finds themselves square at our breakfast tables. Although you may think that your mornings aren’t all that different from someone in say Paris or London (or in the next cubicle for that matter), as New Yorkers we’re pretty distinct in how we wake up, how we dress ourselves, and even how long we shower.

The company’s Life at Home report is the first of what will be a series of studies geared towards developing new home products in line with a particular city’s waking habits. The report covers seven other cities, including Paris, Berlin, London, Moscow, but of course, we’re going to bring you the top findings from their NYC study. Many of these were surprising…

new york in the morning, new yorkers in the morning, IKEA Life at Home NYC

Highlights from the report:

1. An impressive 51% of New Yorkers wake up before 7AM, but 56% of people in the city don’t consider themselves “morning people”.

2. 56% shower or bathe in the morning. These individuals spend about 14 minutes on average doing so.

3. Men spend 12 minutes on average grooming, while women take an extra 7 minutes. 3 out of 10 will put on makeup, and 35% pick out clothes the night before.

4. It takes men 5 minutes to dress while women take 7 minutes.

5. On the creative and mind-fullness front, 57% of New Yorkers feel that self-reflection is important in the morning. The top 5 activities for doing this are taking a shower (42% of us do it); while listening to music (32%); praying (20%); stretching (20%); and exercising (19%). Martial arts also made it on to the list at 3%.

6. 6 out of 10 people have breakfast at home. 50% of these breakfast eaters have it with the people they are living with on weekday mornings, but 19% of them don’t have conversations with each other despite being together.

new york in the morning, new yorkers in the morning, IKEA Life at Home NYC

7. 78% of New Yorkers show physical affection towards someone they live with in the morning. And a somewhat sad related fact: 83% think it’s important to give their kids a hug or a kiss in the morning but only 48% do.

8. New Yorkers have worked from these spots from home: bed (40%); bathroom (16%); and dining table (35%).

9. 12% of us do some work before heading to work.

10. Average time from wake up to leaving for work is 1 hour and 31 minutes.

new york in the morning, new yorkers in the morning, IKEA Life at Home NYC

To come to the conclusions above, IKEA used a combination of existing research and a new survey conducted in the eight subject cities via online panels. Each survey culled around 1,000 respondents per city aged 18 to 60 years, for a sample of 8,292 individuals. They conducted the study with Swedish business intelligence agency United Minds.

If you want to see how New York City stacks up against other metropolises across the globe, you can try out IKEA’s Data Mixing Board or peruse a city’s individual Life at Home page here.

All images via IKEA’s ‘Life at Home’ report

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