Ikea Releases Furniture Collection That Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

March 2, 2015

The latest trend in the electric world is USB outlets, which allow you to charge your devices right there in the wall socket without a plug. That still requires getting off the sofa and walking the probably two feet over to the outlet, though, which can really put a cramp in one’s “House of Cards”-binge-watching style. But thanks to a new furniture collection from Ikea, you can power up your phone without having to search for a cord and while still in the reclined position. The new line of lamps, bedside tables, and desks features integrated charging pads that allow users to simply place their wireless gadget on top.

Ikea, Wireless Charging Furniture
The adaptable cover (right)

The collection uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy to mobile devices. When in contact, a magnetically-charged coil within the furniture induces a coil within the device, which uses the energy to charge its battery. The tech platform Ikea is using is called Wireless Qi, and although this is available in Nokia, HTC, LG, and Samsung products, Apple devices use a different system. But the world’s largest furniture manufacture has thought it through and offers a range of covers that will allow them to operate in the same way.

Ikea, Wireless Charging Furniture

Ikea came up with the idea by visiting plenty of homeowners frustrated by their cable mess. The white charging pads are marked with a subtle cross and are located on the bases of lamps and the surfaces of tables. There will also be a stand-alone charging pad with three ports for use elsewhere in the home or office.

The collection will be available in stores in the U.K. and U.S. starting in April; prices will start around $50.

[Via Fast Co. Design via Dezeen]


Images via Ikea

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