This fun gingerbread house lets you build mini IKEA furniture at home

December 16, 2020

Image courtesy of IKEA

Image courtesy of IKEA

IKEA’s new gingerbread house brings the famous brand’s flat-pack furniture to a whole new scale. The Gingerbread Höme kit comes with downloadable, furniture-shaped cookie-cutter templates and simple instructions (no Allen wrench needed!) so that you can build edible versions of well-known pieces like the Billy Bookcase, Malm Bedframe, and Strandmon Armchair.

Image courtesy of IKEA

As the press materials say, “In true IKEA fashion, each furniture cookie is designed to be easy to assemble, giving everyone an opportunity to get in on the festive fun.”

Image courtesy of IKEA

There are six total pieces of furniture, for all of which you can download free printable assembly instructions. Also available for download are the 3D printing files for the cookie cutters. If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can simply cut out the templates and trace around them to create the gingerbread shapes.

You can find all the materials here >>


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