NYC artists ‘take over’ iconic spaces in a rare peek inside Westbeth Artists Housing complex

June 28, 2024

Photo credit: David Plakke

Westbeth Artists Housing is hosting an event that will provide a unique glimpse into the iconic arts organization’s home and the important architecture surrounding it while showcasing the work of talented artists. During the Westbeth Artists Takeover, taking place through July 14, participants will exhibit works in a former synagogue, a daycare center, and a dramatic sculpture studio–all of which have been off-limits to the public for decades. Participants include Tom Fruin–known for his stained glass water towers placed throughout the city–who will be showing new work, and a wide range of New York-centric artists.

The complex’s ground floor will be offered as a one-of-a-kind non-traditional gallery for a wide array of art forms. Visitors can access four unique spaces within the Richard Meier-designed artists’ housing complex, whose infrastructure dates back to the building’s Bell Labs era, for the first time in decades.

In Westbeth’s former child care center, “Ex-Femina,” co-curated by Valérie Hallier and Noah Trapolino, embodies the profound transformation of the portrayal of femininity in contemporary art.

In Westbeth’s former Synagogue space, “There is a crack in everything,” curated by Valérie Hallier, was inspired by Leonard Cohen’s lyrics, which point to the metaphor for the imperfections and vulnerabilities that exist within daily reality. The exhibition features contemporary artists working in installation, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and video art.

Located in Westbeth’s former sculpture studio is the six-artist exhibition “There she lay,” curated by Claire Felonis. The building was partly submerged under water during Hurricane Sandy, and it gives the group exhibition a place to emerge “from the depths of collected memory, material investigation, human identity and metamorphosis.”

The non-profit Westbeth Artists Housing organization has been providing affordable living and working space for New York City artists since it was founded in 1970.

Located in the West Village, Westbeth has provided 383 units of affordable housing and studio space to the city’s creative community during that time. The takeover runs through July 14; the event’s last weekend will be part of the larger West Side Fest, connecting it even more to the surrounding community.


Photo credit: David Plakke/Zbig Jedrus

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