POLL: Is IKEA a Blessing or a Curse for Relationships?

February 17, 2016

By now, we’ve all heard the jokes about IKEA breaking up relationships–whether it’s getting lost in the store’s maze, figuring out how to pronounce a word with ten consonants in a row, agreeing upon one of 400 throw pillows, or putting together an entire entertainment center with one Allen wrench. To poke fun at the common joke, comedian Tyler Fischer made this video where he pretends to be a couples’ counselor in the store (h/t Apartment Therapy). He cites fake statistics (90 percent of couples break up before they hit the register) and tells customers about bogus incentives (when you spend a certain amount you get seven free Swedish meatballs). But his faux-therapeutic approach got us thinking. Maybe for some couples, the hurdles that Ikea poses actually strengthen their relationships, as these common frustrations also come with uniting for a common goal, problem solving, and learning about one’s partner. Which side are you on?

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