Astoria is NYC’s top ‘hood for millennials seeking roommates

February 21, 2017

Roommate app Roomi recently compiled data based on the 20 to 36-year-olds searching for someone with whom to split the rent, and the top neighborhood for this trend is Astoria. DNAinfo shared the analysis, which found that nearly 38 percent of Roomi’s users looked for housing in the up-and-coming Queens ‘hood, and each applicant in this area gets about 20 applicants, almost double all other neighborhoods.

Perhaps what’s most surprising is the fact that Williamsburg didn’t even break into the top five, a sure sign of the neighborhood’s shift from hipster haven to skyrocketing rents. Astoria, on the other hand, still retains a level of affordability. Of those listings posted on Roomi within the last 90 days, the average price/month for a room in Astoria was $1,105, as compared with Williamsburg’s $1,301.

Interestingly, prices in the other top spots were both significantly higher and lower than Astoria. Lower Manhattan (where young singles make up a whopping 60 percent of the population) was $1,603/month and Clinton Hill $1,416, while East Harlem came in at $950 and the West Bronx at $875. When it comes to mere searches, not including applications, the East Village, Lower East Side, Bed-Stuy, and Bay Ridge also ranked high.

As DNA explains, in addition to relative affordability, Astoria has a lot going for it that would appeal to millennials: the new, city-wide ferry service will launch with a stop there this spring; the Brooklyn-Queens streetcar may provide a direct route from Astoria to Sunset Park; the city committed $30 million to restore Astoria Park; and waterfront development is booming.

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