Take a Drone Tour of the Hearst Building with Starchitect Norman Foster

January 15, 2015

In 2006, the doors of the Hearst Tower were swung open for business. The design of starchitect Norman Foster, the building was one of the most cutting-edge of its time, lauded for its diagrid form, its green construction, and the then-radical approach of marrying the old with the new. Apart from becoming one of New York’s most iconic structures, the building also holds a special cultural significance in city’s history: It was the first skyscraper to break ground after September 11th. Now, a decade later, Foster has returned to the Hearst Tower to mark its anniversary and reflect on his creation.

The video, produced by McConnell/Hauser for the Hearst Corporation, uses a drone technology and top notch cameras to document the Foster’s visit, as well as some never before seen vantages that show the building’s spectacular architectural details. The movie also offers up a peek into the offices of O Magazine (Gail King makes a cameo), Popular Mechanics and Good Housekeeping.

“The idea that you are using the most up-to-date technology, something that literally didn’t exist 10 years ago, to capture the building now 10 years on—that is, I think, very symbolic,” says Foster in the movie, “This anniversary brings back many memories about the inception of Hearst Tower.”

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