Study says Jersey City is the most livable U.S. city; Meet the man who canoes to work in Manhattan

November 1, 2016
  • A Barnes & Noble in Co-op City, the Bronx’s only bookstore, is closing by the end of the year. [New Yorker]
  • This year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a Norway Spruce from a backyard upstate in Oneonta. It’ll be cut down on November 10th and brought to the city on the 12th. [NBC NY]
  • A new study that looks at population density, walkability, and annual income after housing ranks Jersey City as the most livable city in the nation. NYC is number four. [Curbed]
  • Zach Schwitzky gets to work everyday via a 20-minute canoe ride from Hoboken to Manhattan. [CNN]
  • The Times’ travel section takes on “upscale Brooklyn.” [NYT]
  • Explore the scandalous history of one of the city’s oldest off-off-Broadway theaters, the Soho Playhouse. [Untapped]

Images: Journal Square (L); Via Zach Schwitzky/Twitter (R)

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