Prisma Coffeemaker Makes Cold Brew in Just 10 Minutes

August 17, 2016

Walk down any busy street in New York during the summer, and it seems like every other person is sipping an iced coffee. Over the past few years, the trend has shifted from the traditional cup of joe with some ice cubes to the more sophisticated cold brew, which is made by steeping grounds in cold or room temperature water for 12 to 24 hours to yield a more full-bodied, less-acidic coffee.

Though tasty and a welcome caffeine boost, cold brew is often not the most economical (a regular-sized cup can easily set you back $5) and making your own can be an arduous task. This is where Prisma comes in (h/t Mental Floss). The cold brew coffeemaker from home appliance company FirstBuild can produce an entire carafe of the refreshing java in 10 minutes or less.

Prisma uses a special vacuum-infusion technology to speed up the process. By removing excess air, the coffee has more direct contact with the water, which increases solubility. All you need to do is put the coffee in (it even uses standard basket filters) and press a button to get 12 ounces of cold brew.

In addition to allowing people to brew at home, the company notes that Prisma comes in handy for coffee shop owners who may want to make smaller batches of cold brew using a variety of different beans.

Prisma is currently crowdfunding through Indiegogo, where it’s raised $128,807 of its $150,000 goal. If it meets its goal in the next 14 days, it will be on track to launch in September 2017 for $229.

[Via Mental Floss]


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