Bushwick map lets locals track gentrification; the Jersey Shore’s midcentury resort architecture

Posted On Thu, August 25, 2016 By

Posted On Thu, August 25, 2016 By In Daily Link Fix

  • Today is the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service; to mark the occasion Google has created five interactive tours. [Curbed]
  • Bushwick residents designed a digital map to help residents stay abreast of changes to the neighborhood’s housing landscape (aka gentrification). [Bushwick Daily]
  • The U.S. cities with the most Olympic medals. [CityLab]
  • This photo series captures the nearly 150 kitschy motels in Wildwood, New Jersey, the largest concentration of postwar resort architecture in the country. [Fast Co. Design]
  • Check out Brick Underground founder Teri Rogers’ Upper West Side remodel. [Decor Aid]

Images: North West Bushwick Community Map (L); Via Tyler Haughey (R)