Windows at Frank Gehry’s IAC Building are oozing sealant

November 22, 2016

Frank Gehry’s IAC Building was completed in 2006 for Barry Diller’s media company InterActiveCorp. It was Gehry’s first project in NYC, boasting his signature curving facade and ushering in a wave of starchitect-designed projects along Eleventh Avenue in Chelsea. It also gained notability for its full-height, double-glazed window panes that fade from clear to white, giving the 10-story structure the look of an iceberg. But it’s this feature that’s now resulted in a lawsuit, according to the Post, who reports that “the window sealant has become a dripping, opaque blob.”

HTRF Ventures, a subsidiary of IAC and the building’s owners, are suing Permasteelisa North America, the contractor who installed the facade, claiming that “nearly all of the windows have significant and visible defects,” namely a “melting appearance… as well as discoloration, silver bubbles and fog.” The company was paid $18.2 million for the work that promised the windows would be “hermetically sealed.” HTRF says repairs will cost more than $500,000 and that Permasteelisa has ignored their requests to fix the issue.

[Via NYP]


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