The Real Reason Chinatown Produce Is So Cheap; NYC Getting $39 Domestic Flights

Posted On Thu, June 30, 2016 By

Posted On Thu, June 30, 2016 By In Daily Link Fix

  • Produce in Chinatown is so cheap because of a web of small farms and wholesalers, as well as simple aesthetics. [WSJ]
  • What will New York feel like with nine million people? [NY Mag]
  • Go inside the Soho loft where two of salad chain Sweetgreen’s founders live. [Business Insider]
  • This excuse generator will give you reasons to get out of helping a friend move. [6sqft inbox]
  • Beginning in November, Allegiant airlines will offer one-way flights from Newark to certain U.S. cities for $39. They’ll also sell flights to London, Paris, and Berlin for $149. [NYP]