Skyscraper proposal drapes Billionaires’ Row tower with flexible materials

April 12, 2017

Yesterday, 6sqft shared a proposal for an inside-out Midtown tower that received an honorable mention in Evolo’s 2017 Skyscraper Competition. Another that made the list is the Flexible Materials Skyscraper, an idea for a Billionaires’ Row supertall with an exterior made of a new material that can be folded, cut, sewed, and turned over, falling into a pattern. The designers called it “draping,” and hope building skyscrapers with flexible materials will allow architects to explore a new model of building while also cutting down on the construction process.

Flexible Materials Skyscraper, Evolo Competition, NYC skyscraper proposalThe design comes from U.S.-based designers Fu Hao, Zhang Yunlong and Yang Ge. In their plan, the exterior spreads like vertical carpet from its top floor, and the interior is assembled with smaller, detailed units. According to the team, not only does this make construction simpler, it makes it easier to repair the building by using easily recyclable materials after demolition, solving the problem of construction waste.

Flexible Materials Skyscraper, Evolo Competition, NYC skyscraper proposal

This isn’t the first time Evolo‘s winners and honorable mentions created plans for New York City. Last year’s first place winner was a proposal to dig down in Central Park and build a 1,000-foot horizontal skyscraper around its perimeter. The second-place design was titled “The Hive,” and created a vertical control terminal for flying drones out of 432 Park.


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