Oiio’s ‘Big Bend’ proposal for Billionaires’ Row would be the world’s longest building

March 17, 2017

New York City Architecture firm Oiio has proposed a conceptual skyscraper that would curve at the top and then return to the ground, becoming what the firm believes to be the “longest” building to ever be created. As reported by dezeen, their “Big Bend” proposal challenges Manhattan’s obsession with supertall skyscrapers by substituting extreme height with length—stretching 4,000 feet from end to end. If they are able to design this building, Oiio hopes it could potentially provide a solution to the height limitations imposed by city zoning laws.

The NYC- and Athens-based studio created a theoretical design to show what the building would look like. Big Bend would follow the same style of skyscrapers in New York by remaining thin, but instead of extreme height, it would bend and return to the ground. The rendering places Big Bend among the luxury apartment towers of West 57th Street, a.k.a. Billionaire’s Row, such as One57, the Central Park Tower, and 432 Park.

The firm designed the building to straddle a historic building to fit into narrow plots on either side. It has small floorplates and a grid of large windows that are similar to those at 432 Park.

Big Bend Rendering, Oiio

On their website, Oiio writes: “If we manage to bend our structure instead of bending the zoning rules of New York we would be able to create of the most prestigious buildings in Manhattan. We can now provide our structures with the measurements that will make them stand out without worrying about the limits of the sky.”

Big Bend Rendering, Oiio

[Via dezeen]


Photos courtesy of Oiio Studio

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  1. S

    “Instead of extreme height”?
    The graphic shows it as the second tallest (current) super-tall. I consider that extreme height.
    Although more graceful, it’s simply a tall curved spaghetti-thin version of the squat Domino tower in Williamsburg.

  2. A

    Why not build a SpaceX rocket launch site there instead?