Philip Johnson’s Historic “Tent of Tomorrow” Terrazzo Damaged by Vandals

July 24, 2014

Image © Matthew Silva

After coming into nearly $6 million for the restoration of Philip Johnson’s ‘Tent of Tomorrow’, preservationists have been hit with heartbreaking news that vandals recently broke into the icon, setting fire to a van and inflicting considerable damage on the already deteriorating terrazzo map.

ny state pavilion terrazo map, philip johnson

The incident occurred this past weekend when vandals set a stolen vehicle ablaze, which caused the tarp covering the embedded 567-panel terrazzo to catch fire. The vandals even went as far as smashing a corner of the map with a cinderblock.

The news is particularly shocking given increasing public support to restore the structure. Just last month the pavillion’s restoration task force secured $5.8 million for its repair, $4.2 million of which came via Mayor De Blasio. And back in April, when the pavilion was opened up to the public for just one day, more than 2,500 people descended upon the structure to get a glimpse of the relic from the inside.

Though disheartened by the events, volunteers and preservationists remain unwavering and say they will continue their efforts to bring the 1964 masterpiece back to life. And to prevent future damage, volunteers are looking into ways to protect the structure, including simply putting an alarm on the pavilion.

[Via NYDN]

Lead image © Matthew Silva

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  1. L

    It’s beautiful despite the damage they have inflicted upon this beautiful well drawn up masterpiece. I applaud all of you working hard to restore it back to life only people with true passion for Design, Art & Architecture have a HEART to feel passion for such beauty.