More people are leaving NYC than anywhere in the U.S.; the downfall of Le Cirque

Posted On Mon, April 3, 2017 By

Posted On Mon, April 3, 2017 By In Daily Link Fix

  • The number of red-tailed hawks in Manhattan has increased to 15 from just three in 2006. [WSJ]
  • More than one million people moved out of the New York area to other parts of the country since 2010, more than any other major metropolitan area. [NYP]
  • What if we returned Riker’s Island to its natural state? [Untapped]
  • The Upper East Side’s Le Cirque was considered NYC’s glitziest restaurant for 40 years. What happened? [Bloomberg]
  • Thanks to a community organizing effort, bike-share ridership in Bed-Stuy is outpacing the rest of the city. [Streetsblog]