Hoboken will allow gyms to use parks and fields for outdoor workout classes

May 28, 2020

A yoga class at Pier A from a previous Fitness in the Park class

Hoboken, New Jersey Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla signed an executive order yesterday that permits fitness clubs to “utilize certain City fields and parks in order to facilitate safe, socially distanced outdoor workouts.” Because of reopening measures outlined by Governor Murphy that will reduce capacity at indoor gyms and fitness facilities, Mayor Bhalla is encouraging owners of such businesses licensed in Hoboken to apply to host outdoor classes of up to 15 people with “strict social distancing guidelines of at least six feet between each participant at all times.” With the permission of property owners, gyms can also hold outdoor classes in parking lots.

“Our gyms and fitness clubs have been hard hit during COVID-19,” said Mayor Bhalla. “We recognize the major challenges faced during a gradual re-opening with indoor facilities not always having the room for social distancing or capability to reduce capacity. Allocating space for outdoor classes provides an added option for safe and socially distanced workouts that makes the best possible use of our public space.”

The new initiative is part of Mayor Bhalla’s larger small business recovery strategy. One of its largest components is a plan around outdoor dining for restaurants, something that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has been slow to adopt. In Hoboken, restaurants can set up appropriately distanced outdoor seating on the sidewalk, as well as create shared outdoor spaces as “strEATERIES and Parklets.” The former converts curbside parking spaces into daily outdoor seating where takeout food and drinks can be consumed. The latter is similar in concept but is seasonal and builds out temporary platforms on the parking spaces. In addition, Hoboken will entirely close some streets to traffic on Sundays and Thursdays to expand outdoor seating.

The list of 15 city parks and fields that are available for the outdoor fitness classes are as follows:

  • Church Square Park basketball court
  • Elysian Park basketball court
  • Multi-Service Center rink
  • 14th Street Viaduct soccer pitch
  • City Hall Plaza (behind City Hall)
  • 7th and Jackson plaza and lawn
  • Sinatra Park amphitheater
  • 1600 Turf Field and concrete area
  • Maxwell Park pier and lawn
  • Southwest Park
  • Mama Johnson field
  • Sinatra Park field
  • Stevens Park little league field
  • Church Square Park turf lawn
  • Pier A

Hoboken fitness businesses wishing to participate must fill out an application.


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