Did the Seagram Building Ruin Modern Office Towers?; Remembering Postmodernist Architect Michael Graves

March 13, 2015
  • Hate your soulless office tower? Maybe you should blame the Seagram Building. [Fast Co. Design]
  • Attend a lecture tonight to learn about the history and renovation of High Bridge, the oldest standing bridge in NYC. [NYC H2O]
  • Michael Graves, postmodernist architect who designed towers and teakettles, dies at 80. [NYT]
  • There’s some passive aggressive blog feuding happening in the East Village. [Bedford + Bowery]
  • The city is looking for five artists to create mural for the “creepy” 191st Street 1 train tunnel. [DNAinfo]

Images: Seagram Building (L); Michael Graves (R)

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