Daily Link Fix: Tour the Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital; Pikaplant Shelf Automatically Waters Plants

September 30, 2014
  • The abandoned Ellis Island Hospital Complex, where 1.2 million immigrants were treated, is opening for public tours starting October 1st, reports AM New York.
  • Take a load off…the Battery Conservancy is hosting its “Draw Up A Chair” design competition in Battery Park’s Castle Clinton to decide the official chair of the park. More on Tribeca Trib.
  • A French designer turns discarded shopping carts into chairs. Designboom showcases the sustainable (and attractive, we must say) furniture.
  • Gothamist takes a look at the clock that has been embedded in the Manhattan sidewalk since the 1800’s. Must have been handy before cell phones…
  • Are you an unfit plant owner? This shelf by Pikaplant automatically waters your ferns and flowers. Check it out on Co. Design.

Images: Ellis Island Hospital Complex Cocoabiscuit via photopin cc (L); Pikaplant One by Pikaplant (R)

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