Daily Link Fix: Stop Shopping at Duane Reade; Harlem High Schoolers Would Rather Spend Summer Learning Biomedical Engineering

August 26, 2014
  • Happy Birthday NYC!: The city is 350 years old today. Dang NYC, you’re old. Find out the history behind how New Amsterdam became New York in The New York Times.
  • Don’t Be A Sucker For Duane Reade: According to Scouting New York, you’re paying almost a $1 more there than at, let’s say, CVS. We all know you love getting those $5 coupons after hoarding 5,000 Rewards Points, but after reading the research Scouting New York did you’ll want to ditch that Balance Rewards card.
  • These Kids Were Doing Something Useful While You Lazied Around This Summer: 25 high schoolers were finding ways to solve world issues this summer at Harlem Biospace’s HK Maker Lab. DNAinfo featured the whiz kids that spent six weeks at Columbia learning about biomedical engineering. So what did you do this summer?
  • Why Harlem Is Hotter Than The Rest Of The City: No you’re not crazy; the city does have microclimates. WNYC reports that students and researchers at City College determined that “temperatures vary from one neighborhood to another depending on elevation, building type and other factors.”

Images: Duane Reade in Union Square courtesy of nyulocal.com (left); HK Maker Lab by Timothy Lee for DNAinfo (right)

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