190 Bowery Being Stripped of Its Graffiti as We Speak

March 10, 2015

Image courtesy of Lori Zimmer

We all knew this day would come. 190 Bowery is currently undergoing a deep cleaning as its new owners prime it for its next life as a luxury mixed-use condo/retail development.

The iconic property was home to photographer Jay Maisel up until a few weeks ago, at which point his belongings were officially vacated from the premises. Late last year Maisel sold the building to Aby Rosen for a staggering $55 million–Maisel originally paid just $100,000 for the 72-room building in the ’60s. The property is currently being marketed in all of its redevelopment potential glory, which has thus far been highlighted by a fly-thru video showing its historic bones, and a rendering showing the building pristine and graffiti-free—though life will soon imitate art. Local Instagrammers in the area have already begun the mourning process.


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