14th Street and Williamsburg no-car zones proposed for L train shutdown

November 2, 2016

Transit advocacy groups and politicians who have been promoting the idea of ridding Manhattan’s 14th Street of private car traffic during planned L subway tunnel repairs, and only allowing bus, bike and pedestrian traffic, have also suggested that the no-auto plan would be good for Grand Street in Williamsburg, the New York Post reports. Grand Street is a major neighborhood thoroughfare similar to 14th Street, and advocates say giving the streets to bikes, pedestrians and shuttle buses would be one way to lessen the impact of the shutdown.

According to Caroline Samponaro, senior director of campaigns and organizing for the group Transportation Alternatives, “Grand Street is a major backbone along the L train route just like 14th Street. We are hoping to do a complete street redesign.” Mayor de Blasio said in July that he is considering the 14th Street proposal for the 18 months that the L train won’t be running in Manhattan. City Department of Transportation officials are also considering the final proposal: “We are working closely with the MTA to look at all ways to mitigate the impacts of the L-train’s shutdown, with a focus on mass transit, bikes and ferries,” said a spokesperson.

[Via NYP]


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