Your Daily Link Fix: Microsoft Introduces Cortana; Karen Chien’s Expert Advice on Interior Design

June 4, 2014
  • A Ceiling Fan That Knows When You’re In the Room: Gizmodo examines a smart ceiling fan that only operates when someone is in the room, and automatically adjusts for an ideal temperature.
  • What Your Emails Say About You: Are you a narcissist? Are you a fun extrovert? Your email knows. Text mining studies have found a link between the words we use in our emails and the type of person we are and FastCo. has a great article on it… You’re gonna read just to find out if you’re a narcissist, aren’t you?
  • Microsoft Introduces Cortana: Remember that movie “Her”? Well, we’re guessing it wasn’t too far off the mark. Microsoft has just introduced their response to Siri and Google Now and she has a full on personality. Engadget has the scoop on this mesmerizing (or just plain eerie?) software.
  • 8 Local Bands To Look For At Governors Ball: The music festival is a few weeks away and Bowery Boogie is already pre-gaming. In this article they spotlight some of the lesser-known bands you should keep an eye out for on the roster.
  • Karen Chien’s Expert Advice on Interior Design: She designs gorgeous NYC apartments and now she’s opening up to the Brownstoner about her firm and her most memorable project.
  • The Real Deal on “The Art of Real Estate”: The Real Deal attended the swanky Herrick Feinstein’s event, and they’ve got all the juicy details.

Images: Microsoft’s Cortana (left), Karen Chien (right)

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