Your Daily Link Fix: A Quirky Mmuseumm Serenade; Mayor De Blasio to Rent Family Home

June 25, 2014
  • Borrowing the Internet from the Library: Anything that involves more internet hotspots is a good thing. Well, according to Gizmodo, libraries may start offering Wi-Fi in areas with lower bandwidth. We can’t help but wonder what the overdue fees will be.
  • Multitasking is So Yesterday: According to FastCo. there’s a new group of people in town to make us feel bad about ourselves. These “supertaskers” are roughly 2.5% of the population and no, just because you’re reading this and petting your dog does not mean you’re one of them.
  • A Quirky Mmuseumm Serenade: Whether it’s fun or just plain awkward is up to you. Brooklyn Magazine takes us to a Mmuseumm exhibit where musician Grey Gersten writes personalized songs and sings them for visitors.
  • Who Bought the Record-Breaking Sales in Crown Heights and Bed Stuy?: Bed Stuy has had some record-setting purchases lately signifying a change in the neighborhood. Who do we thank/blame? The brownstone has the answer, along with a recap of the four unprecedented purchases.
  • De Blasio to Rent Family Home: While we’re paying for Mayor Bill De Blasio and his family to live in Gracie Mansion, he’s looking to make a buck (or $6,500) off of his family home. Get all up in the mayor’s business in this NY Post article.
  • NYC Stars in Video Pitch for Democratic Convention: Mayor Bill De Blasio is vying for Brooklyn to be the home of the 2016 Democratic National Convention and he and his team are pulling all the stops. The NY Times has their two-minute video showcasing all that the city has to offer.

Images: Eternal Lips exhibit (left), Mayor De Blasio’s home (right)

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