You can rename Hudson Yards’ climbable ‘Vessel’

March 26, 2019

Photo © James and Karla Murray for 6sqft

Officially open to the public for nearly two weeks, the centerpiece of New York City’s newest neighborhood needs a name. Known best as “Vessel,” the bronzed steel and concrete sculpture designed by Thomas Heatherwick was never given an official title. Earlier this year, developer Related Companies told 6sqft that “Vessel” was just a placeholder until the public experienced the installation. And with hundreds of selfies taken at the site since its opening on March 15, Related is now asking the public to rename the 150-foot honeycomb-like structure.

A submission form can be found on the Hudson Yards website, where those with name ideas can suggest a new moniker along with their personal information and email address. “Now, make your mark on Hudson Yards–tell us your best idea about what to name this unique neighborhood centerpiece,” the site reads.

According to Gothamist, there are two small signs by the art installation formerly known as Vessel that instructs visitors how to participate in the naming contest. With sparse information provided, the signs feature a QR code that leads to the aforementioned website.

Heatherwick’s structure made headlines last week for its odd photo policy. As 6sqft reported, Related’s terms and conditions for the sculpture originally said any photos or video footage of the piece belong to them, and not solely to the photographer.

After facing swift backlash, Related clarified its policy to make it clear people still retain ownership of the posts. The company said the intent of the policy is for Hudson Yards to reshare photos already posted by individuals on their own social channels.

The “staircase to nowhere” has drawn comparisons to a beehive, giant shwarma, and a trash can. Have an even better suggestion? Submit your idea here.


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