What Are New Yorkers Listening To? The Answer May Surprise You

May 15, 2015

Decades later, and New Yorkers are still gyrating to the tunes of the Rolling Stones. The Journal recently culled the top artists and songs played in bars and restaurants across the city (via e-jukebox vendor TouchTunes) into a map, and they found that although New York is about as diverse as they come, we pretty much all love the same music—or at least groove to the same stuff as we throw back a few.

Amongst the most popular artists they discovered filling rooms across the boroughs were Beyonce, Jay Z, Romeo Santos, Marc Anthony, and of course the Rolling Stones, which is a hit on both the Upper East and West Sides (who would’ve thunk?). Other surprises includes Michael Jackson in FiDi, pockets of Frank Sinatra in Brooklyn and Queens, and if you’re looking for some twang, Midtown West loves country music. You can get a closer look at the interactive map here to see what your neighbors are bobbing their heads to.

[Via Gothamist via WSJ]


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