Trump Stars in MTA Courtesy Counts Posters; The Lucky Lady That Gets to Walk Henry the Tortoise

May 19, 2016
  • Looks like Trump sucks at following subway etiquette. Street artists, Major Bigtime have been sticking his face on the Courtesy Counts posters in the train. [PIX 11]
  • Avocado toast for $21. In Williamsburg. Obviously. [Brooklyn Magazine]
  • Remember this Craigslist ad seeking a tortoise walker and how basically everyone applied for the job? Meet the lucky gal that got the gig. [NY Times]
  • Architect and urban planner Denise Scott Brown’s sage advice for architects and urban planners, both new and old. [Architizer]
  • Sienna Miller, the star of the new film “High-Rise” out today, on the favorite items in her cottage in London. [Architectural Digest]

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