Three Harlem and Bronx subway stations to get upgrades for the first time in 114 years

July 5, 2018

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The MTA Board has approved an $88 million contract to Citnalta/Forte with Urbahn/HAKS for work at three of the city’s subway stations in Harlem and the Bronx after nearly a century of wear and tear. The 145 Street, 167 Street and 174-175 Street stations will be getting modernizing, structural and functional repairs beginning in July. MTA New York City Transit will be addressing needed upgrades for the nearly 20,000 subway customers on the Concourse B,D and Lenox 3 lines.

The stations have seen little more than routine maintenance to handle increasingly critical issues such as water mitigation, crumbling concrete ceilings and walls, deteriorating structural steel, daily wear-and-tear and cracked or missing tiles. The 145 Street 3 station opened more than a century ago in November 1904, while the other two stations on the Concourse opened in July 1933.

MTA New York City Transit President Andy Byford said, “We’re excited to fix and update these stations because the structural work is critical and customers deserve to experience what a cleaner, safer, modern subway station is like. We thank our customers for their patience as we work to prepare these stations for decades of continued –and improved–service to the community.”

Critical repairs to station infrastructure–concrete and metal platforms, stairs, beams and columns–will be happening alongside modernizations like LED lighting, digital signage providing real-time service information, and new turnstile areas with security cameras and brighter lighting. Countdown clocks and Help Points, which allow customers to communicate quickly with staff for assistance or emergencies, will be installed throughout the stations.

The stations will be closed to service for less than 6 months; the 145 Street 3 station will close beginning July 21. At 167 Street BD, one stair entrance will close beginning Saturday, July 9, but the entire station will remain open for service until August 27. At 174-175 Streets BD, one stair entrance will close beginning Saturday, July 9, but subway service will not be affected until August 13, when the entire station will close for repairs.


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