The real Bowling Green Massacre of 1643; Anthony Bourdain wants food hall to evoke ‘Blade Runner’

Posted On Mon, February 6, 2017 By

Posted On Mon, February 6, 2017 By In Daily Link Fix

  • There was a Bowling Green Massacre, but in 1643 when European soldiers and settlers killed dozen of Lenape people in southern Manhattan. [Indian Country Media Network]
  • Is Snapchat the new way to rent apartments? [NYP]
  • Icelandic pop star Björk got $2.2 million for her historic home in the upstate celebrity enclave Snedens Landing. [Variety]
  • The Department of Transportation is looking for feedback on how New Yorkers would improve transit. [NYC DOT]
  • In a new profile, Anthony Bourdain said he hopes his forthcoming food hall at Google’s Pier 57 expansion will resemble, “a post-apocalyptic Grand Central Terminal, if it had been invaded by China.” [New Yorker]

Map of New Amsterdam in 1660 (L)