Take a journey through space at Tribeca’s Hall des Lumières

March 23, 2023

Images courtesy of the Hall des Lumières

Interactive art museum Hall des Lumières promises to take visitors out of this world. Produced by Culturespaces in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Center for Space Studies, the exhibition, dubbed, Destination Cosmos: The Immersive Space Experience, transports guests through the universe with 13 visual sequences and a prologue that starts on Earth and brings viewers over Martian canyons, into the heart of Jupiter, across the rings of Saturn, and more. Destination Cosmos will be open at Tribeca’s Hall des Lumières on April 7 and run through June 4.

Using stunning images provided by NASA and a curated soundtrack, guests can truly appreciate the beauty of space and the incredible scientific and technological innovations that humans have achieved in the space race.

The cosmic journey begins with The Ancient Human Dream of Space Exploration, which fills the hall with a starry sky and emerging constellations that set the course for the exhibition. Following a display of ancient illustrations depicting human interest in the cosmos, the exhibition will continue into The Space Race: Destination Moon, which features famed astronaut Yuri Gagarin’s first manned space flights, the Apollo missions, spacecraft production, and space travel as it became an integral part of American pop-culture.

Visitors will be able to experience Neil Armstrong’s first footstep on the surface of the Moon when he uttered the famous saying, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Parts of the exhibition will have visitors travel alongside Mars rovers as they transverse the Martian landscape.

The Hall des Lumières opened to the public in September 2022, becoming New York City’s first-ever permanent immersive art center.

Housed within the former Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, the hall’s inaugural exhibition was Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion, which featured projections of the famous Viennese painter across the former bank hall’s marble walls and columns.

Tickets to Destination Cosmos: The Immersive Space Experience start at $25 for adults and $12 for guests ages five to 16. Children under the age of five are admitted for free. Special pricing is also available for seniors ages 65 and older, and for members of the military.

You can buy tickets here.


Images courtesy of the Hall des Lumières

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