The New York Wheel Gets Its First Shipment of Crane Parts

July 15, 2016

Work at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal, via Scott Ettin for DNAinfo

Sunset Park was recently named one of the 15 coolest neighborhoods in the country, due in large part to the burgeoning success of Industry City and the Bush Terminal Park. And in addition to its booming creative sector, the ‘hood can now include a revival of its shipping industry on its growing list of assets. As DNAinfo reports, on June 28th a cargo ship from Denmark carrying large crane parts for construction of Staten Island’s New York Wheel arrived at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT), where it was docked for five days with around 30 union longshoreman moving the cargo. This was the first shipment to the site in more than 10 years, revitalizing it as “a working maritime port facility” that will hopefully create hundreds of jobs.

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New York Wheel, Staten Island development, NY ferris wheel, Staten Island ferris wheel
Renderings of New York Wheel via Perkins Eastman/S9 Architecture

According to DNAinfo:

The project is a part of an agreement between the city and Mammoet USA North, a firm that offers heavy lifting, transportation and hoisting services. The company has been hired to unload, stage and assemble the oversized parts of the New York Wheel at SBMT, along with employees of the Red Hook Container Terminal, the EDC said.

In December of 2015, the ECD put out a request for proposals for a long-term tenant at SBMT. The deadline was this past March, and a finalist will be chosen early next year.

The work at the terminal will likely continue through at least September when another shipment is expected to arrive. As for the New York Wheel, construction workers last month poured the concrete foundation for the 630-foot Staten Island ferris wheel. The next shipment is set to include more crane parts and actual parts such as wheel spokes.

[Via DNAinfo]


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