POLL: Is Sunset Park One of the 15 Coolest Neighborhoods in America?

June 29, 2016

Move over Bushwick and Williamsburg, Sunset Park is the new cool kid in the borough. Curbed shared a report from Cushman & Wakefield that names the 100 coolest streets in the country, and coming in among the top 15 neighborhoods is Sunset Park, “where boxes and independents co-exist.” The report points to a bohemian exodus from Williamsburg, which has become more mainstream and pricey. And though hipsters are moving to ‘hoods like Bed Stuy and Crown Heights, Sunset Park outdoes them with a unique type of retail growth and creative sector thanks to the Bush Terminal Park and Industry City. The millennial population is about 27 percent and the average household income is $81,529.

The report explains:

Residential realtors already report skyrocketing demand for row houses on the perimeter of Industry City, while numerous loft projects backfilled long-vacant industrial space. Because of the big box retail deals, one might question whether independent retailers will be active here at all. Even as more mainstream retail box concepts continue to ink deals at Industry City, a number of independents, start-ups, and mom-and-pops have been actively looking on Sunset Park’s prime corridors. With retail asking rents generally ranging from $75 to $175 per square foot, expect even more interest from a steady stream of retailers of all stripes in this area in the future.

Do you agree?


Poll images: Via Industry City (top); View of the neighborhood via Wiki Commons (bottom)

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