OKUM’s oon Power Outlet Makes the Boring Extension Cord Fun

June 23, 2014

Next to the desk at which I’m currently sitting is an unattractive, jumbled mess of extension cords. I’ve always figured this was an inevitable way of life, until I saw the oon power outlet by OKUM.  The fun and functional product is a flexible, cloth-covered cable that stretches up to six feet and has painted wooden blocks strung on it.  Made of Connecticut hard maple, three cubes are outfitted with sockets that can be rotated to accommodate blocky adapters, while smooth spheres prevent tangling.

The oon comes in three different color combinations, and the self-contained sockets are made in the USA and polarised for additional safety.

Okum Oon power outlet

OKUM is an industrial design brand founded by David Okum in Los Angeles “to create memorable objects that combine his curiosity in design process with his passion for traditional craft.”  Mr. Okum told Dezeen that oon was inspired by his love of simple, geometric shapes–and his own tangled mess of extension cords.

See more of OKUM’s work here.

[Via Dezeen]

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