30+ best wellness products to add to your self-care routine

April 11, 2024

Whether we actually are or not, Americans feel like we’re busier than ever. According to Daniela Wolfe, a burnout prevention, self-care, and work/life balance expert at Best D Life, we often feel like we have a never-ending to-do list and can’t take a moment to relax because there is always something that needs to get done. “However, by planning your time at home – just like you would at work – and creating a schedule and some structure around where your time goes, you can find productivity, success, and the freedom to have the space for fun and relaxation every day,” she says.

The first step is to understand what’s stopping you from properly planning your chores. Wolfe says you may be trying to squeeze too many tasks into a day, or you could be getting distracted or trying to multitask. “Or maybe it’s just trying to keep pushing yourself when your body is exhausted and really should rest.”

She recommends time blocking – planning your time and creating a schedule and some structure. “This helps you protect two extremely precious resources: your time and your focus, and it can also help deter procrastination.” Left unchecked, Wolfe explains that a task that takes three hours can expand to an entire week if you let it.

She points to four benefits of time blocking:

  • Blocking your time creates more time for what matters most, such as time with your loved ones or time resting.
  • Organizing and learning about where your time goes can teach you how to capitalize on your most productive times of the day.
  • Designating specific time for work and chores, and knowing that you have time for yourself later means that you’re less likely to multitask.
  • Fitting in self-care every day helps you to manage stress.

Now that you know how and why to create some “you time,” these are some of the items that can help you focus on yourself.

All of these products have been hand-selected by Team 6sqft. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these affiliate links. All prices reflect those at the time of publishing.

Facial care

While stress doesn’t cause acne, it can make the condition worse. This acne-prone kit creates a routine to keep breakouts at bay. The 4-piece pack includes a restart and refresh gentle cleanser, an antioxidant mist to activate and tone, 60 diminish and clear complexion pads, and a retinol serum to rejuvenate and reverse damage.
Acne-Prone Pack $195/Sale $149 at Charette Cosmetics

If you have sensitive skin, it’s not advisable to put just any type of product on it. This sensitive skin collection is designed to provide moisture and nutrition to your skin. It includes a reset cleaning oil, milk and honey cleanser, hyaluronic serum, and milk and honey moisturizer.
Sensitive Skin Collection, $129/Sale $116 at Asthetik Skincare

HoMedics Radiance Microdermabrasion Tool

Skip those salon treatments with this microdermabrasion exfoliation device that’s gentle enough to be used on any skin type. The tool is designed to decrease blackheads, improve acne scarring, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, treat oily and enlarged pores, and improve overall skin texture. The rechargeable device has four intensity levels, and 50 replaceable filters.
HoMedics Radiance Microdermabrasion Exfoliation Tool, $77 at Amazon

Filorga Time-Filler 5-XP Wrinkle Correction Moisturizing Skin Cream, Enhanced Anti Aging Formula to Reduce and Repair Face, Eye, and Neck Wrinkles and Fine Lines, 1.69 fl oz

If you’re trying to combat wrinkles, this anti-aging aesthetic gel-cream texture medicine can tackle contraction wrinkles, deep-set wrinkles, surface wrinkles, and dehydration wrinkles on your face, eye, and neck. Another option is the NCEF-Intensive skin boosting serum, which contains retinol and Vitamin C, and is designed to regenerate and renew skin.
Filorga Time-Filler 5XP Wrinkle Correction Moisturizing Skin Cream, $78 at Amazon

Lumin - Class Act Bundle - Men's Skincare Kit, Includes: Charcoal Face Wash Daily Detox, Charcoal Scrub Deep Detox, Daily Face Moisturizer & Dark Circle Defense Balm, Suitable For All Skin Types

This skincare bundle is designed specifically for men. It includes a daily activated charcoal face wash, a black charcoal face scrub to reduce irritation and scarring, a daily face moisturizer with niacinamide, and an all-in-one anti-aging dark circle eye cream.
Lumin Class Act Bundle Men’s Skincare Kit, $75 at Amazon

EZBASICS Facial Steamer Ionic Face Steamer for Home Facial, Warm Mist Humidifier Atomizer for Face Sauna Spa Sinuses Moisturizing, Unclogs Pores, with Stainless Steel Skin Kit(Blue)

Create a sauna experience for your face with this facial steam which uses a nano ionic steam supplement to moisturize skin and open facial pores. It’s as easy as filling the water tank with distilled water and pressing the on/off button. The direction of the nozzle can be adjusted, and the steamer can also be used with essential oils to create an aromatherapy experience. The set also includes a stainless-steel skin kit. Another option is the vibrating facial cleansing brush, which is made of a hygienic, waterproof silicone that gently cleanses to remove makeup, clean pores, and reduce blackheads.
EZBASICS Facial Steamer, $180/Sale $29 at Amazon

Eight Saints Skincare Cloud Whip Vitamin C Face Moisturizer Day Cream, Natural and Organic Face Cream For Women, Anti Aging Cream For Face To Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles, 2 Ounces

Light as a cloud, this anti-aging face moisturizer contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, MSM, and Borage Oil. It blocks free radicals, prevents discoloration, and fades sun spots and is designed to firm skin while also hydrating it. Also, the vanilla lip mask contains coconut oil and Vitamin E to trap moisture and boost circulation.
Eight Saints Skincare Cloud Whip Vitamin C Face Moisturizer, $33 at Amazon

Hair and body

Laifen Hair Dryer, High Speed 200M Ionic Blow Dryer with 110, 000 RPM Brushless Motor for Fast Drying, Low Noise, Hairdryer with Magnetic Nozzle 2024 Upgraded

Hair dryers can damage your hair. However, this negative ionic blow dryer is designed to reduce frizz by 40% and make hair smoother and shinier. The dryer has a setting to alternate hot and cold air streams, and the color rings indicate whether the air is hot, warm, or cold. The ergonomic hair dryer is lightweight and portable. It’s available in several colors, including silver, silver blue, petal pink, and matte black.
Laifen Swift Premium High-Speed Hair Dryer, $159 at Amazon

APOTHEKE Scented Hand & Body Lotion for Women & Men, White Vetiver (10 fl oz)

The white vetiver fragrance in this body lotion combines cashmere, lilac, and eucalyptus with vetiver, sandalwood, white cedar, and crisp amber to lightly scent the body. It includes a nourishing and fast-absorbing body lotion, and also a liquid soap to clean and moisturize the skin – and can be used to wash your hands and body.
Apotheke White Vetiver Body Lotion, $18 at Amazon

Lumin - Raise The Bar Gift Set for Men - Includes Solid Shampoo, Face and Body Bars Soap Made of Activated Charcoal, Tee Tree Oil, Rice Protein, Dermatologically Tested, For All Skin Types, Daily Use

This three-piece gift set for men includes a shampoo bar with tuxedo tech (which includes black and white charcoal to remove impurities without stripping moisture), tea tree extract and rice protein; a deep scrub face bar with tuxedo-tech, tea tree extract, and walnut shell; and a deep cleanse and scrub body bar that also includes tuxedo-tech, tea tree extract and walnut shell.
Lumin Raise the Bar Gift Set for Men, $40 at Amazon

Eight Saints Coco Cocoa Creme Body Butter, Natural and Organic Body Cream With Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Cocoa, Intense Hydration and Nourishing Moisturizer, 4 Ounces

Triple-whipped to a creamy constitution, this body butter includes shea, cocoa, and coconut butters. It also includes Vitamin E, and the body butter is designed to restore moisture and hydrate. It can be used during the day to prep your skin, or at night to work on your skin while you sleep.
Eight Saints Coco Cocoa Triple White Body Butter, $23 at Amazon

There’s a link between your oral health and your general health. If you wear a retainer, aligner, mouth guard, or other type of dental appliance, it can get quite dirty. However, you can place that item in this lightweight, stainless steel case, that uses ultrasonic waves to remove bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. It’s available in arctic white, sky blue, rose pink, and jet black.
Dental Pod, $99 at Zima

Operan Electric Toothbrush for Adults and Kids High Power Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush with Smart Timer 5 Modes 6 Brush Heads 40,000 VPM Motor 6 Hours Fast Charge for 100 Days (Black)

An electric toothbrush cleans more effectively than manual brushing. This rechargeable toothbrush includes three vibration intensities, and has polished bristles that are safe for your gums. The toothbrush lasts for six hours on a single charge, and includes six brush heads.
Operan Electric Toothbrush, $24/Sale $17 at Amazon


SkinnyDipped Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, 4g Sugar, Low Sugar, No Palm Oil, Gluten Free, 3.2oz Bag, 1 Pack (6 Cups Total)

If you love sweets, but you’re trying to do better, this low sugar candy lets you have your cake and eat it too. With only four grams of sugar per serving, the individually-wrapped candy is also gluten free and contains no palm oil or sugar alcohols. Some of the many options include milk chocolate peanut butter cups, caramel peanut paradise cups, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate cocoa almonds, lemon bliss almonds, and dark chocolate cocoa cashews.
SkinnyDipped Milk Chocolate Cups, $14 at Amazon

GoodSport® Electrolyte Sports Drink, Rapid & Long-lasting Hydration, 16.9. oz (12 Count) – Fruit Punch

Those who exercise and sweat a lot are prone to dehyrdation and losing electrolytes. However, these sports drinks include such electrolytes as potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and chloride. The drink also includes several types of B vitamins, and two types of carbohydrates, but also have 33% less sugar than traditional sports drinks. Flavors include fruit punch, citrus, lemon line, wild berry, strawberry lemonade, and blue(berry) raspberry.
GoodSport Electrolyte Sports Drink, 12-count, $35 at Amazon

wildwonder Sparkling Probiotic Juice Drink w/Gut Health Immunity & Support 5g Fiber, Live Probiotics, Caffeine Free, Organic, Vegan, Low Sugar, 12pk 12oz, Classic Variety Pack, As Seen on Shark Tank

Building up your gut health immunity is an essential part of self-care, since a healthy gut supports digestion, brain health, inflammatory response, mood, and energy metabolism. These sparkling drinks include probiotics and prebiotics for better gut health. They’re also low in sugar and calories. Flavors include peach ginger, mango gold, guava rose, and strawberry passion.
Wildwonder Sparking Probiotic Juice Drinks, 12-count, $41 at Amazon

OWYN Pro Elite Vegan Plant-Based High Protein Shake, 35g Protein, 9 Amino Acids, Omega-3, Prebiotics, Superfoods Greens for Workout and Recovery, 0g Net Carbs, Zero Sugar, Keto (Variety)

If you don’t have time to eat three full meals a day, protein shakes can be a great way to get your nutrients on the run. These protein shakes have 100% plant-based protein and include a blend of superfood greens. They’re a great source of vegan Omega-3s, and contain no artificial ingredients and sweeteners, and no net carbs. Flavors include dark chocolate, smooth vanilla, strawberry banana, cold brew coffee, and cookies and creamless.
OWYN Protein Shakes, 12-pack, $42 at Amazon

Bean & Bean Around the World Coffee Gift Set – 4 Coffee Samplers – Organic, Fair Trade, Includes Single Origin Coffee Gift Basket – Medium Roast Coffee from Around the World, Whole Bean, 4 x 4oz

Studies show that drinking a cup or two of coffee each day could reduce the chance of having a heart attack or stroke, or developing kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or diabetes. This gift set of coffee beans makes drinking coffee fun. The set includes a Downtown Blend with roasted nuts, cedar, and milk chocolate tasting notes; Peru Las Damas with dark chocolate, caramel, and orange tasting notes; Ethiopia Sidamo with Jasmine, honey, and lemon tasting notes; and Indonesia Sumatra with cherry, bold nuts, and cinnamon tasting notes.
Bean & Bean Around the World Coffee Gift Set, $39 at Amazon

Studies also show that drinking tea has health benefits, ranging from cancer prevention to weight loss to lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels to combatting nausea. This gift box contains 49 high-quality tea bags in several flavors: Sakurajima Komikan Tea, Kagoshima Benifuuki Black Tea, Kagoshima Chiran Tea, Fukamushi Tea, Yuzu Ryokucha Green Tea, and Green Tea with Matcha.
Bokksu Boutique Kagoshima Seicha Gift Box, $63 at Bokksu Boutique

AG1 Athletic Greens - 1 Individual Single Serving Powder Supplement Travel Packet, 0.42oz/12g

Those who struggle to get all of their nutrients might like this powder, which contains vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics, antioxidants, superfoods and mushrooms, and digestive enzymes.
AG1 Athletic Greens Travel Pack, $7/Sale $6 at Amazon

Peaceful environment

Verilux® HappyLight® Halo - Cordless LED Light Therapy Lamp with a 360° Magnetic Base & Rechargeable Battery for Portable, UV-Free, Full Spectrum 10,000 LUX Light with Adjustable Brightness and Color

Just 10 to 20 minutes of exposure to sunlight can help to improve your mood. But if you can’t get out in the sun, this battery-operated lamp provides light therapy indoors. It has a magnetic base and a 360-degree swivel to point it in the desired direction. The lamp has four levels of brightness and three temperature hues.
Verilux HappyLight Halo Light Therapy Lamp, $89/Sale $79 at Amazon

Sleep Number ResponseFit Mattress Topper (Queen) - Advanced Memory Foam Technology, Open Cell Design for Cooling Comfort - Mattress Pad, Bed Topper

A good mattress is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep. If your mattress has seen better days, but you’re not prepared to purchase a new one, this memory foam mattress topper can add a layer of comfort and support. The advanced memory foam technology also provides optimum air flow, to keep you from getting hot as you sleep. The topper has a knit cover that can be removed and laundered in the washing machine. The topper also has anchor bands to keep it from sliding around on the bed.
Sleep Number ResponseFit Mattress Topper, $349/at Amazon

Ostrichpillow Hot & Cold Eye Mask - Clay Beads Hot Cold and Compression Therapy for Dark Circles, Eye Bags, Dry Eyes, Headaches, Migraines - Velcro Closure 2 Protective Bags Included

Sooth your tired eyes with this hot and cold eye mask, which has natural clay beads inside. It has a fabric bag for microwaving the eye mask, and the heat helps relieve eye irritation, headaches, and swollen eyelids. There’s also a plastic bag for freezing the mask, and when cold, it can relieve eye strain, eye bags and dark circles, and facial muscle strain. The reversible eye mask is soft to the touch, and doesn’t irritate the nose.
Ostrichpillow Hot and Cold Eye Mask, $39 at Amazon

Moonbird Breathing & Meditation Device - Instant Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief, Relaxation for Women & Men - Helps with Better Sleep, Stress, and Overall Health- Sky Blue

Did you know that your breathing patterns can affect stress and insomnia? This device is designed to guide you in doing slow-breathing exercises to lower stress, reduce anxiety, and help you feel more relaxed. It can also improve sleep quality. In addition, you can customize the pace of the breathing exercises. The device can be used with or without the app/phone. However, the app provides real-time biofeedback and allows you to track your progress and view various audio guides.
Moonbird Breathing and Meditation Device, $199 at Amazon

Many people think perfume is something worn for other people; however, the right scent can do more than make you smell good – it can affect your mood. The Smokeshow Eau de Parfum with Blonde Woods and Whipped Musk has a dreamy scent, and also includes Bergamot for brightness as well as the creaminess of Vanilla Orchid. The long-lasting fragrance is also available in scented candles, room mists, and silky body oils. Some of the other fragrances include Coconuts, Green, Tanlines, Candy Coated, and Rich.
Smokeshow Eau de Parfum, $68 at Sunday Forever

Another fun fragrant option for improving your mood are these fragrances that are inspired by top designers and fashion houses – without the high price tag. The company makes fragrances starting at $20 for women and $15 for men. Some of the many fragrances include Beach Wave, inspired by Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue; Sweven, by MFK’s Baccarat Rouge; Sweet Addict, inspired by Killian’s Love, Don’t be Shy; Ruhe, inspired by Le Labo’s Santal 33; and Sinful, inspired by Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry. The 30% oils parfum extrait formula makes the fragrances last for a long time, and the items are sold separately and in bundles.
Maison Francis Kurkdijian-Inspired Bundle, $235/Sale $175 at Oakcha

This ergonomic bolster pillow can provide lumbar support for your back, and also be used to support your neck when traveling, or relieve pressure from your knees. And since it’s a weighted pillow, you can also cradle it to help relax. It’s made of squishy Melofoam, and has a removable organic cotton cover. Color choices are cloud white, asteroid gray, moonstone grey, midnight blue, and evening rose.
Cuddling Bolster Pillow, $89 at Bearaby

Ostrichpillow Heatbag Heating Pad - Safe Alternative to Hot Water Bottle, Natural Clay System, Focused Heat Efficiency, Gentle Muscle Relief, Odor-Free, Long-Lasting Warmth

An alternative to messy hot water bottles is this natural clay, hot/cold heating bag with a washable cover. It has a dual design: the grey side minimizes heat loss, while the black side transmits the temperature. It can be warmed in the microwave or placed in the freezer and then used on your stomach, back, or anywhere you want relief from stress or muscle and joint pain.
Ostrichpillow Heatbag, $60 at Amazon

Dreo Air Purifiers for Home Large Room Bedroom, H13 True HEPA Filter Removes 99.985% of Pets Hair Particles Dust Smoke Pollen, PM2.5 Monitor, Auto Mode, Smart WiFi Voice Control, Works with Alexa

According to the EPA, indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. This air purifier has a three-stage filtration process. The ultra-fine pre-filter removes dust, lint, pollen, and pet hair. The H13 True HEPA filter removes mites and other small particles. And the activated carbon filter absorbs odors, formaldehyde, and VOCs. The air purifier has a color-coded display that changes colors (blue, green, orange, and red) to indicate the air quality in real time, and using the app, you can also receive air quality reports on your smartphone.
Dreo Air Purifier Macro Max S Air Purifier, $219 at Amazon

Clothes, shoes, and gear

Zojirushi SM-QHE60AK, Flip-and-Go Stainless Mug, 20-Ounce, Cobalt Blue, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

Staying hydrated is one of the most important components of self-care. This 20-ounce stainless mug has a flip-and-go handle that makes it easy to carry wherever you go. It also has a flip-open lid that’s easy to access when you’re thirsty. The opening is wide enough for ice cubes, and the interior is corrosion- and stain-resistant. The mug can keep drinks cold or hot for hours. It’s also available in a 16-ounce size, and in four color choices: cobalt blue, hibiscus red, purple dusk, and teal.
Zojirushi Flip-and-Go 20-Ounce Stainless Mug, $39/Sale $35 at Amazon

You’ll feel like you’re at a resort spa in this plush waffle knit robe, which is made of 60% Turkish cotton, and 40% viscose from bamboo. The unisex robe is moisture wicking, and odor and allergy resistant. It has full-length sleeves, two large pockets, and a removable tie belt. And the robe is also easy to care for: machine wash in cold water, and tumble dry on low. Color choices are white, Tahitian breeze, and marine blue.
Bamboo Waffle Knit Robe, $109 at Cariloha

Self-care includes taking care of your feet to keep them healthy. These men’s shoes not only look good, but they have a breathable, flexible knit upper, combined with an EVA bottom that’s lightweight, and an insole that’s cushy and comfortable. Also, the crush-back heel makes it easy to put the shoes on. Color choices include grey, white, black, tan, elm, and also orange sole, lime sole, and aqua sole.
Swellsole Neptune, $70 at REEF

With a layer of orthopedic padding, these clog-style sneakers have a medium-strong level sole curve to help exercise your muscles when walking, while also being comfortable. The midsole is designed to encourage rolling movement, while the insole provides breathability and shock absorption. The upper is made of mesh and a PU blend, and the outsole is made of high abrasion rubber. Color choices are black, navy, and taupe.
Women’s Taka, $132/ Sale $99 at MBT

Baby Foot Original Exfoliation Foot Peel - Callus Remover for Rough Cracked, Dry Feet, Dead Skin Removal - Foot Peeling Mask for Baby Soft Feet - Spa Experience at Home & Gift Ideas - Lavender Scented

Another way to care for your feet is this exfoliant that’s designed to remove calluses and smooth dry and cracked feet. Simply apply it, leave on for an hour and then wash off. Within 5 to 7 days, the dead skin on your feet will start to peel.
Baby Foot Peel, $25 at Amazon

While it’s comfortable enough to sleep in, this dress is designed for all of your adventures. It’s made of 100% cotton, so it’s nice and soft – but also has a tough cotton fabric finish to make it three times more resistant to abrasion than regular cotton. The interior of the dress is made of a French terry material, and the dress includes rib-knit at the neck and cuffs, and includes two pockets. It’s machine washable and comes in three colors: orchid petal, light gray heather, and cinnamon.
Women’s AKHG Crosshaul Cotton Camp Dress, $69/Sale $52 at Duluth Trading

Big Blanket Co® Premier Plush™ Charcoal | Ultra-Plush Fluffy Blanket | 100 Square Feet | Breathable, Microfiber Blanket That Wraps You in Cloud-Like Comfort | Blankets That Redefine King-Size

Whether lounging on the sofa or sleeping in the bed, this 100 square feet blanket will feel like you’re lying on – and hugging – a cloud. It’s made of microfiber, which makes it a breathable, all-season choice. And since it’s so large, you can share without getting in a tug of war. The machine washable blanket is available in charcoal, black heather, oatmeal, night, and cream.
Big Blanket Co Premium Plush Blanket, $279 at Amazon

Nike CW4653-010 Chronicle P Sunglasses Matte Black Frame Color, Grey Polarized Lens Tint

Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays with these lightweight stylish sunglasses. They have a matte black frame and grey polarized lens tint. The 6-base curved lens provide a medium level of coverage and moderate peripheral light blockage, but you can still see clearly. The high-tension hinges are durable, as is the nylon frame.
Nike Chronicle P Sunglasses, $94 at Amazon


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