NYPD says it needs 200 cops and $500,000 a day to secure Trump Tower

December 15, 2016

Just over a week ago, Mayor de Blasio asked the federal government for $35 million to cover Donald Trump‘s increased security for the 73 days from the November 8th election to the January 20th inauguration. Two days later, congress came back with a low-ball offer of only $7 million, to which the Mayor responded that “NYC taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for 80 percent of the national bill to protect Trump Tower.” Backing him up, the NYPD conducted its own analysis, which, as the Daily News shares, confirms the city’s $500,000 a day security bill and concludes that nearly 200 cops are needed each day to secure the area around Trump Tower.

The increased costs are due to more police presence–officers are needed all around the block, at the checkpoints, and the command center–and longer shifts–instead of the normal three a day tours, there will be two 12-hour tours with 100 cops each. Police Commissioner James O’Neill said, “We’re taking resources from precincts around the city.” He’s asking the feds to reimburse the city “to make sure that we continue the levels of personnel at the precincts.”

[Via NYDN]



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