NYC’s first store dedicated to COVID essentials opens in Herald Square

September 16, 2020

Photo courtesy of CV-19 ESSENTIAL

It was bound to happen–a store selling solely coronavirus-related products. CV-19 ESSENTIAL opened today in Herald Square, selling everything from masks and cell phone sanitizers to plexiglass dividers and UV lights. There’s even a “Safe Zone” Interactive Experience Center where shoppers can try out the gadgets (we’re assuming they’ll be sanitized between uses).

Tony Park owns popular Korean BBQ restaurant Samwon Garden and Times Square’s Angelina Bakery. He also runs commercial and residential management company PD Properties. Through his experience sourcing PPE and safety products for his businesses, he realized how important a one-stop-shop is, especially with indoor dining quickly approaching.

“The goal of the store is to serve more communities and to serve people across industries, whether it’s a family wanting to make their apartment safer or a retail or restaurant business owner like me, a company wanting to make their office safe for employees, or a school; I want to lend my knowledge to help people,” Park said in a statement.

Some of what you can find in the store includes:

  • Face shields and masks
  • Portable UV lights and air purifiers
  • Cellphone sterilizers
  • Anti-microbial film
  • Plexiglass
  • Thermal facial recognition device
  • Hygienic toilet seats

CV-19 ESSENTIAL is located at 41 West 35th Street and is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm.


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