These giant sculptures in the Garment District ‘wave hello’ to New Yorkers

April 18, 2022

All images courtesy of Alexandre Ayer / @DiversityPics for the Garment District Alliance

New Yorkers will be greeted with outstretched arms the next time they walk through Midtown. Located on Broadway between 38th and 41st Streets, Here is a public art exhibition featuring 14 oversized sculptures with their hands raised high above their heads. Created by artist Santi FloresHere is meant to represent unity, diversity, and individuality, and is dedicated to all New Yorkers. The installation is the latest public art exhibition to be sponsored by the Garment District Alliance and is free and open to the public until August 29.

Crafted with steel and concrete and covered in enamel paint, the towering sculptures range in size with the largest reaching 14 feet in the air. While every figure is striking the same pose, each sculpture has unique markings and color, a feature Flores incorporated to represent the diversity and individuality of New York City while calling for unity.

“Santi’s installation poses a powerful message about the importance of diversity and unity, which are elements that make New York one of the greatest cities in the world,” Barbara A. Blair, president of the Garment District Alliance, said. “We are proud to showcase these wonderful sculptures in the heart of Midtown in the Garment District, and we encourage all to visit the exhibition, snap photos, and take in its inspiring meaning.”

The installation is part of the year-round public art program, Garment District Art on the Plazas, a program made possible by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Together, the Alliance and DOT coordinate and install public art pieces which are meant to welcome passersby and improve public spaces.

The Alliance’s last public art exhibition was revealed in January 2022. Passage, a glowing art installation, featured 20 illuminated circles that radiated light and noise as visitors walked through. In September 2021, the Alliance unveiled Hacer: Transformations, an exhibition featuring seven supersized origami sculptures designed by California-based artist Hacer.


All images courtesy of Alexandre Ayer / @DiversityPics for the Garment District Alliance

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