Grimshaw Architects reveal design for new $1.4B Newark Airport terminal

March 23, 2018

Renderings courtesy of Grimshaw Architects

With major renovations underway at both JFK and LaGuardia Airports, Newark is the latest to join the crew. Grimshaw Architects has just announced its involvement building a new terminal at Newark Airport, the third airport serving New York City. According to dezeen, Grimshaw will serve as lead design architect, alongside design firm STV and contractor Tutor Perini/Parsons, to build a two-leveled, T-shaped building spanning one million square feet with 33 different gates.

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The design of the new Terminal One is “intended to accommodate the airport’s growing capacity while meeting the changing demands of passengers and airlines for years to come,” Grimshaw said in a statement. The $1.41 billion addition will replace the airport’s adjacent Terminal A. With the new terminal, there will be more passenger amenities and a more efficient check-in system and security screening process. Grimshaw also designed it to be modified and expanded in future, in anticipation of increased airline demand and passenger volume.

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Newark Liberty International Airport currently has three terminals, A, B, and C, constructed back in the 1970s and 80s. This shiny new addition is expected to begin construction in April of this year and wrap up in 2022. “Newark has a rich architectural history dominated by the modular concrete structures of the existing terminals,” said Grimshaw partner Mark Husser. “Relating to this context while creating a light, modern, steel and glass building with open sight lines and natural light, the new Terminal One will be a world-class gateway serving an ambassadorial role for the New Jersey and New York region, and establish a new trajectory for the future.”

New York, too, is in the midst of upgrading its woefully-outdated airports. LaGuardia is currently being replaced in stages with new terminals, with construction kicking off last summer on Delta’s new $4 billion facility. Last year, a $10 billion overhaul was revealed for JFK Airport, and the airport’s fancy TWA Flight Center Hotel is expected to open next year.


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