New mural in the East Village honors history of Ukraine

March 28, 2022

All photos courtesy of Mike Krautter

A new public art installation was unveiled in the East Village this weekend that aims to show solidarity with Ukraine and its people. Created by New York-based Ukrainian artist Misha Tyutyunik, “Ukraine: A History in Solidarity” depicts a famous monument inspired by the story behind the naming of Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv. A gift from Citizens Bank, the artwork was designed with help from Kyiv residents during Tyutyunik’s time in Ukraine in 2019 and painted on Saturday with help from the public.

Tyutyunik’s artwork represents the legend behind how Kyiv was named, in which the three brothers Kyi, Shchek, and Khoryv, along with their sister Lybid, founded the city.  The mural was developed alongside the people of Kyiv during Tyutyunik’s Fulbright program.

To further support Ukraine, Citizens matched $25,000 in funds donated to the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA) and supported an open house at the Ukrainian Museum on Saturday.

“When I was first approached by Citizens with an idea to create a community event in support of Ukraine, I was both touched and grateful,” Oksana Lodziuk Krywulych, UNWLA Officer-at-Large, said in a statement.

“The idea to have a mural created by a Ukrainian artist which would then be painted by the general public was appealing, as it would create a lasting impact on the area. Watching the horrible and senseless destruction manifested in Ukraine and its people reduces me to tears daily, but seeing the local community rally in support of Ukraine is very heartening.”

Neighboring businesses Veselka and East Village Meat Market provided food and beverages for the mural’s unveiling on Saturday.

The mural is located at the new Citizens branch on Ninth Street and Second Avenue. A QR code next to the mural can be scanned, giving spectators the chance to donate to Ukraine for the rest of the month and hear from Tyutyunik about the piece.


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