Hudson Yards exhibit space Snark Park puts tickets on sale for its first show

January 31, 2019

Rendering of “Lost and Found” via Snark Park

When Hudson Yards opens on March 15th, one of the many places New Yorkers will get to check out for the first time will be Snark Park, a permanent exhibition space for immersive installations. The space will reimagine “everyday objects and familiar settings,” according to a press release from designers Snarkitecture, “creating unexpected and memorable moments that challenge the mind to reassess visual cues and investigate the commonplace with a fresh curiosity.” If this sounds a little out-there to you, tickets to the first exhibit have just gone on sale, along with some more info. The inaugural showcase titled “Lost and Found” will be a modern interpretation of an enchanted forest, providing “audible, visual, and tactile experiences” within a series of “massive, inhabitable cylinders.”

snark park, hudson yards, snarkitecture, related cosRendering via Snark Park

According to Snark Park:

Lost and Found is an interactive design environment that invites visitors to explore, play and relax in a unique world created by Snarkitecture. Reminiscent of mystical trees from an enchanted forest, Lost and Found consists of an array of massive, inhabitable cylinders, forming an immersive monochromatic landscape. Visitors can get lost in the labyrinth of columns and discover intimate worlds hidden within them. Some spaces are large enough to occupy, while others are intended to be viewed from outside; each experience is a unique exploration of materials, activities, and memorable shared engagement.

Deeper in the installation will be a hidden, two-way mirrored room “that will pique curiosity and provide yet another way to reframe the everyday.”

Part of Snark Park’s deal is that it will feature collaborations with international brands, including an exclusive retail partnership with KITH Treats. At “Lost and Found,” KITH will offer a full ice cream menu. Tonight, the first 50 people who arrive at their Soho store at 8pm will get to try the KITH x Snark Park ice cream flavor for free. They will also receive limited-edition “totems,” small replicas of “Lost and Founds” columns. Snarkitecture–whose work reinterprets everyday materials, structures, and programs in the form of large-scale projects, installations, and objects–will design limited-edition objects and merchandise to coincide with all the Snark Park exhibits.

Snark Park is located on the second level of the Shops and Restaurants at 20 Hudson Yards. There will be three exhibitions each year. Tickets for Snark Park in March and April are $28 for adults and $22 for children ages 3-12. You must select a date and time when purchasing tickets.


All photos and renderings courtesy of Snark Park

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