How Donald Trump-esque Are You?; Ride the Blacklight Slide this Summer in Brooklyn

March 18, 2016
  • Take this quiz to find out what percentage of Donald Trump you are. [BuzzFeed]
  • “Jamaica Bay,” a documentary exploring the history and future of the 18,000-acre wetland estuary surrounded by Brooklyn and Queens, is debuting at the Queens World Film Festival. [NYDN]
  • Privacy concerns are being raised about the new free WiFi hotspots by LinkNYC. [FastCompany]
  • Greening up the apartment? Here are the top houseplants that will purify the air according to NASA. [Inhabitat]
  • If you want more vacation time, consider becoming a nanny for an Upper West Side family. [DNAinfo]
  • A blacklight slide is coming to Brooklyn this summer! [TONY]

Images: Donald Trump Halloween costume (L); Blacklight Slide via Facebook (R)

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