Get an advance preview of the Second Avenue Subway’s 96th Street station TODAY

December 23, 2016

If you can’t wait until January 1st to scope out the new Second Avenue Subway line, today Governor Cuomo is holding an “open house” from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the 96th Street station. Cuomo debuted the station yesterday afternoon at a press event in advance of the official New Year’s Day opening, offering select New Yorkers a glimpse at the completed work. The open house is the first time the greater public will have access to the Second Avenue Subway since the start of construction.

second avenue subway opening


The 96th Street hub is one of four additions (96th, 86th, and 72nd Streets, along with the transfer point at 63rd Street) that will open in just eight days, and boasts all the markings that will differentiate the new stations from the older ones, including high ceilings, a column-free design, climate control, computerized signage, vibrant lighting, and $4.5 million worth of public art—this particular stop featuring the work of artist Sarah Sze.

The inaugural Second Avenue Subway ride will be held on December 31st with Cuomo and a group of dignitaries taking the first spin. Regular service—albeit limited service—for New Yorkers will kick off at noon on January 1st.

Open house tours will begin at the southwest corner of 96th Street and Second Avenue, and MTA staff will be on-hand to answer questions, distribute maps, cookies and other swag commemorating the historic transit expansion.


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