Daily Link Fix: The Super Sleek “Bike of the Future”; 140 Characters About Life in NYC

August 12, 2014
  • Where Can We Get Our Hands On This ‘Bike Of The Future’?: TEAGUE and SIZEMORE BICYCLE teamed up for the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project competition and won with their ingenious design of the ‘Denny’ bike. Huff Post reports that its sleek design, handlebar slash bike lock and automatic gears are making cyclists beg for bike to go on sale.
  • A Flat Pack Robot That Assembles Itself on Arrival: Flat pack designs are cool, but having to assemble it yourself? Not so much. Harvard and MIT collaborated on an origami-inspired robot that goes from a sheet of composite paper and Shrinky Dinks (remember those?!) to a moving 3D crawling machine. See it in action on Quartz.
  • Scope Out A Restricted Part In Central Park Today: For today only, Central Park’s The Hallett Nature Reserve will be open to the public. Gothamist reports that you can check out the four acres of untouched nature from 1 – 3PM on the park’s east side from 60th to 62nd street.
  • The Truth About NYC in 140 Characters: We all know breaking the Metrocard swipe, especially during rush hour, is an embarrassment. WNYC features 19 truest tweets about living in the city. See if you’ve been caught thinking, or even doing, the same thing.

Images: Denny Bike courtesy of Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project (left); screenshot of Tweets from WNYC (right)

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