Daily Link Fix: Map of the Languages Spoken in the City; The History of the Billboard Next to Macy’s

August 7, 2014
  • A Map That Shows The Languages Spoken In NYC, Excluding Spanish: Unsurprisingly, the languages spoken in the city are just as diverse as the people. Take a look at Business Insider’s alternative map that shows the most common languages spoken, besides Spanish.
  • The Secret Behind The Billboard Next To Macy’s: Maybe you avoid Herald Square (we don’t blame you), but next time you’re dragged in the area, take a good look at the billboard that takes an entire corner Macy’s block on the east side. Untapped Cities reveals the history of the completely separate piece of land.
  • Overheated Subway Station Turn Into A Spa: Improv Everywhere is at it again. Mashable reports this time they transformed the 34th Street train platform into a pop-up spa complete with a massage and steam center. All we have to say is that it took guts to sit on those benches with just a towel on…
  • A Bodega Filled with Felt: We hope that never happens to your store, but artist Lucy Sparrow created a unique art installation in a London cornershop. She crafted felt replicas of everything you’d find in a bodega: beer, condoms, Spam, condiments, snacks. Though not noted on Ignant, we wonder if there was a bodega cat too.

Images: Map by Business Insider (left); Image courtesy of Untapped Cities via Flickr by Phil Davis (right)

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