Daily Link Fix: A Cage That Protects Fido; New Lego Set Combines Physical and Virtual Play

June 26, 2014
  • A Dog Cage That Protects Fido in a Car Accident: Yes, we lured you with a puppy. And we don’t apologize. Our pups are like family, so we’re excited that this new cage with crumple zones, featured by Gizmodo, has made it to the States.
  • New LEGO Set Combines Physical and Virtual Play: Everything is awesome! Is that song in your head now, too? PSFK profiles a new lego game that lets kids import their genius lego designs into an app to play games and win rewards. Sounds… awesome.
  • Wink Connects Your Home to Your Smartphone: The Jetsons are here. Architizer spotlights an app that will let you control your home from your phone, for your convenience or practical joke fun.
  • Does the Architecture Industry Need Radical Change?: Architects in Chicago are preparing to protest against working conditions and Dezeen’s Mimi Ziegler explains why she feels the industry needs to take action.
  • Big-Soda Ban Denied: Despite repeated attempts to curb the city’s obesity rate by targeting drinks made for the Jolly Green Giant–but wait, does he drink sugary liquids because he’s pretty healthy…–Crain’s reports that the city’s ban is officially over.

Images: Adorable puppy (left), LEGO app (right)

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