City Winery’s new Grand Central location will offer wine to go as part of reusable bottle program

September 27, 2022

Photo courtesy of City Winery

Picking up a bottle of wine for dinner on the way home from work will soon get easier. City Winery’s newest location in Grand Central Terminal, opening on November 1, will debut a reusable bottle program, allowing guests to take wine to go, return the bottle to be washed, and receive a $5 credit toward the next one. Located on the west end of Vanderbilt Hall, the new City Winery includes three dining concepts: a signature experience with tasting bars, a grab-and-go all-day menu at City Jams, and a high-end restaurant, Cornelius.

Photo courtesy of Stephen H on Unsplash

“As a New Yorker, this is my most surreal venue opening to date,” Michael Dorf, founder and CEO of City Winery, said. “This is truly an honor as a restaurateur and someone who loves the city to have a footprint in the iconic Grand Central Terminal. And to leverage this location’s commuters, we are very proud to launch an important returnable bottle program to urgently combat climate change in how we drink wine on the go.”

As 6sqft previously reported, the MTA tapped City Winery in April to occupy the space in Vanderbilt Hall after the agency announced they were accepting proposals from interested businesses. The restaurant will span nearly 16,000 square feet within Grand Central.

The first concept resembles a classic City Winery experience, with two wine-tasting bars, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner accompanied by live ambient music. This space will be able to hold up to 190 patrons.

The second concept is City Jams, an ideal meeting location that offers all-day grab-and-go options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Food items include breakfast wraps, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and more. It will also offer locally roasted coffee, tea, and other beverages.

The third concept is Cornelius, a 75-seat reservation-only restaurant inspired by Grand Central’s developer Cornelius Vanderbilt. The menu will feature items like “Oysters Vanderbilt” and “Filet Oscar with Prime Tenderloin,” according to a press release.

This will be City Winery’s fifth New York City outpost, joining City Winery NYC, City Vineyard NYC, Rockefeller Center Wine Garden, and Yankee Stadium.


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