Can giant zoo animals sell a luxury condo in NYC?

March 9, 2018

After watching 200 East 59th Street’s most recent promotional video, the 35-story midtown building seems insanely voluminous and sturdy— with a whiff of hay? Developer Macklowe Properties just released this DBOX video showing giraffes, elephants, and rhinos (oh my!) galavanting around the city and in their new building. This video builds on the fiberglass 18-foot giraffes, elephants, and rhinos Macklowe found in Southampton and installed at the property last year.

Video via DBOX

According to a press release, which points to Harry Macklowe’s lifetime passion for “film, theater and song,” the developer said, “We made this film because we felt it was a subtle way of telling the story of the building – how friendly, welcoming and forward thinking it is as a residence.” Macklowe was so inspired by the size of the terraces, which he thought unparalleled in Manhattan, that he said, “you can fit animals on here!” And so it began.

In contrast to the heft of the animals, the building seems so airy it almost floats with column-free interiors, walls of glass, white oak plank flooring, white marble and wrap-around terraces.

The base of 200 East 59 Street is clad in a metal basket weave that reflects light during the day and glows at night. But now, after watching that video, the basket might suggest a modern rendition of a zoo enclosure.

Some buildings choose art to help them stand out, others chose zoo animals… And with prices ranging from $2 million for one-bedrooms to $15.75 million for three-bedrooms, we hope these animals help.


All renderings via DBOX

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